Winter coats : what to consider when choosing

Choosing your winter coat is a crucial step because this fashion item will accompany you for several months. This is the detail of the held vote that we notice first in this winter season. Because it determines your look, it needs to match your personality and the rest of your wardrobe. This article shows you the criteria to take into account when choosing your coat.

Take your morphology into account

If you are small, it is better to favor a short or three-quarter coat that will highlight your legs and thereby lengthen your figure. For more defeats, check out the post right here. You shouldn’t take long coats and ones that are too bulky as they will eat up your figure. If you have generous shapes, let through too tight materials which may create an unsightly bead effect. If you’re tall, you can afford anything. If you are thin, you can dare the gathers and the volume at the bottom. But if you are a bit round and have well-defined hips, this is to be avoided because it will make you pudgy.

Opt for a warm coat

In the middle of winter, all we want is to stay warm. Still, most coats aren’t that warm. This is why certain subjects are to be favored. Know that down is the warmest material. Some models have a liner that can be removed depending on the weather. Synthetic fiber coats are lighter and more comfortable, but often less warm. You are free to add a double thickness. Also check the waterproofness of the coat. Bet on nylon on the outside. Better to wear a hooded coat to keep your head warm. Simple or furry, at your convenience. This option adds a little extra to your overall look and makes you more glamorous. In all cases, it is essential to protect your head and prevent the snow or the outside temperature from attacking the skin of your pudgy

Focus on large pockets, high collars and closures

Opting for large pockets is welcome over a coat for many reasons. First for those who hate gloves : you just have to slide your hands inside to warm them. It will also allow you to put your cell phone, hat or other accessories that you may want to put away for a while. Plus, you’ll be less likely to lose them than with small pockets. Regarding the collar, you should pay special attention to the collar : the higher it is, the more it will protect your neck and the better you will be protected and warm all winter. Unlike coats with buttons, zipped coats do not let the cold through and help retain heat. Sure, closures may seem less glamorous than buttons but see the bright side ! At least you aren’t going to lose your buttons or have to mend them all the time. In short, when you go in search of your future coat, do not forget to bring a sweater, warm enough, to help you choose the right size. You always have to rely on when you are well wrapped up. Make sure that the length of the sleeves, the height of the collar or the depth of the pockets are right for you. These parameters will allow you to easily make your choice.