Why Choosing Bora Bora for Your Holidays

You dream to spend your holidays in a nice area with your family or alone? Boa Boa is the perfect destination for you. Bora Bora, a French Polynesia island gives you the opportunity to have wonderful holidays.

Fabulous residences

At Bora Bora you have the opportunity to stay in luxurious hotel and bungalow built on water. You can admire the wonderful landscape in which you are from your windows. What makes Bora Bora so beautiful is its lagoon added to the sight of fabulous sunset. Bora Bora will be the perfect destination for a holiday with your partner or your family.

A variety of funny activities.

Bora Bora has several natural assets which allow different kind of activities. For example, you can skin diving. An activity which consists of dive into water. You may discover many wonderful creatures like colorful fishes, sharks, turtle etc. There are other activities that can help you discover Bora Bora wonderful lagoon. Stand-up paddle, jet ski etc. Yeah! You get it, you won’t be bored.

A temperate climate.

Bora Bora climate allows going there anytime. You can stay there one year if you want. Bora Bora has two seasons: dry season (from April to October) and rainy season (from November to March). On July and August, the climate is very cool. The temperature is between 24 and 28 degrees. You can plan to travel at Bora Bora in accordance to the kind of climate you want.

Is Bora Bora just a place for rich people?

It is true that when people hear Bora Bora, they think about luxurious hotels, Spa, private swimming pool etc. Don't worry, the access to Bora Bora is becoming less expensive. You can plan to go there without being afraid to spend a lot of money. There is a lot of games that will be suitable for you.