Which Apple laptop to choose?

Apple has promised its users to achieve the impossible with their laptops. This is because the SDD disks used for storage ensure that the computers are responsive, have good response times and open files quickly. Which of the Apple laptops should you choose for the best performance? 

The Apple MacBook Air M2

The new MacBook Air doesn't just switch from the M1 chip to the M2 chip. The main new features of this generation are a larger screen (13.6 inches with notch), more symmetrical edges, two USB Type-C ports plus the return of the MagSafe port and a more modern design. You'll still need an adapter for macbook laptop

It's a pleasure to use and a dream computer for those who don't have extreme needs. Its battery life is very good and well in excess of a day of heavy use. Although we can only criticise its higher price than the MacBook Air M1, the campaign makes it by far the most recommended Mac for most people. It's especially recommended because it's designed to last a long time.

Apple MacBook Pro 14

The new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or M1 Max processor is your best friend. It's all high-end, and while it's a popular series, it's hardly for the masses. In particular, the new machine is quite thick for a laptop, so very few users will really need it. 

If you like new technology, this is the most complete Apple computer that has been available since the first half of 2022. So even those who don't need a MacBook Pro may be tempted.

The Apple MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1 is the cheapest computer from Apple. Although it doesn't have the innovative design of the MacBook Air M2, this computer is by far the best. Thanks to the Apple M1 chip, it's super-powerful and almost perfect for office, entertainment and social networking. The MacBook Air M1 not only has a long battery life, but it's also ultra-portable and powerful enough for video editing.