Using Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing: How to achieve your goals?

Facebook Ads can be the best solution you are looking for to boost your sales and especially for affiliates. In this model, you receive a percentage of each sale made through your link. But how does it work? If you really want to know how the biggest social media advertising platform can help you with affiliate marketing, read this entire guide.

How do Facebook Ads work?

On Facebook Ads, the page administrator has access to the account data and its campaigns. With this data updated live, you can make adjustments to optimize or suspend campaigns at any time, you can find out details here. In fact, this is also where you create your ads. The first phase is to choose goals. Next, you need to configure various specifications of the ad sets that will be served. These specifications will vary depending on the goals you have set. However, there are some common parameters to all of them, note, the audience where the segmentation customizes the audience based on demographic and behavioral data, the positioning where the ads will be displayed to the user, and the budget which is just the daily amount that will be spent during the campaign.

How do I advertise for affiliate marketing on Facebook?

At this point, as with any marketing activity, it takes planning, data usage, and productivity to achieve what you plan to do. However, there are certain processes that can be carefully observed to avoid certain mistakes. The first tip is simple, you should never insert your affiliate link directly into Facebook ads, even if it is a good idea to generate direct traffic with your link tag since the platform prohibits such actions. So, to avoid the risk of being banned, do not make this mistake. Next, redirect the user to their own capture pages. In this way, you can disclose your affiliate links without any danger. The link should not be inserted directly into the Facebook conversion campaign, you should insert it into a page. And most importantly, use your creativity to generate a good landing page that guarantees visitors to click on it.