Methods of installing a mirror without drilling

Having a mirror in your shower can be very useful to give a touch of originality to the decoration of your bathroom and to carry out certain daily tasks (make-up, hairdressing). To install a mirror in your bathroom, you have to drill a hole in the wall, but you also have the option of not doing so. Find out here how you can install a mirror without drilling.

Choosing mastic or silicone adhesive

It is possible to use glue to fix your mirror to the wall. A special info awaits you if you visit a website that talks about decorating. The most suitable glue for installing a mirror on a wall is mastic or silicone glue. It is a glue designed to perform this kind of task. Before starting to use it, you will need to clean the wall on which you want to place the mirror. Next, you will need to define the location of the mirror, taking into account the dimensions of the mirror. After that, the glue should be applied according to the supplier's instructions. Once the glue has been applied, you can proceed with the installation of the mirror. While waiting for the mirror to set better, you can hold it with a support for a while.

Choose a double-sided adhesive or adhesive hook

To replace the glue when installing the mirror, you can choose a double-sided adhesive. As the name suggests, has two sticky sides; it can be of great help if you want to put a small mirror on the wall. For the installation, you will have to take into account the dimensions of the mirror. Then you have to stick a lot of adhesive strips to the back of the mirror. And, you will have to hold the mirror until you feel that it fits properly on the wall. You can also opt for adhesive hooks. These are small hooks that will help you put your mirror on the wall. All you have to do is stick the hooks horizontally on a clean wall. Afterwards, you will have to hang the mirror on the wall.