How to find your lost dog in New York?

If you can't find your dog while living in a big city like New York, you will naturally feel very anxious, distressed and paralyzed. But, it is essential to stay calm, not lose hope and take certain steps. To make it easier for you to find your beloved pet, here are some tips.

Notify law enforcement and Animal Care & Control

It may sound absurd, but we often forget the most important thing of all, which is to notify the police and ACC that our dog is lost. That way, if they see him, they will know he is lost and can notify you. Also, if someone finds this lost dog and notifies the police or the CCA, they will be able to contact you especially if the dog is microchipped.

Use new technologies

There are tracking devices that can tell you exactly where your dog is in case he gets lost. These are small GPS trackers that fit perfectly on the dog's collar without damaging it. These GPS trackers will give you your dog's exact location, so it won't take you long to get to your dog's location and return home with him.

Stay where you are

Stay where you are and call his name out loud, yelling if necessary, for as long as you need to. Lost dogs usually try to follow their own trail, trying to get back the same way. They usually think of the last place they were escorted to, and chances are they will go that way. If you can't stay at that location for some reason, leave someone known to the dog at that location. Ask them to call the dog and wait in the same spot.

Look for other dogs nearby

It is possible that the reason your dog is lost is because he is curious about a dog that lives relatively close by. Go to places where there are more dogs, such as neighbors' houses, dog parks, nearby farms, etc... in case your dog has been there and has been seen, be sure to ask.