How to cultivate yourself on a daily basis?

Cultivating yourself on a daily basis is good for the brain. It is an activity that helps develop memory and thus allows the person in question to better accumulate information. Find out how to cultivate yourself on a daily basis.

Spend your time online wisely

With the development of technology, online activities have multiplied, especially on social networks. But you can try these out by cultivating yourself. Indeed, if your main online activity is with social networks, you don't need to spend all your time watching videos or people's posts. The Internet is the source of a lot of information and courses. You use your free time to learn online instead of spending all that time on social networks. So expand your knowledge with the help of the richness of the internet. Take the time to write down everything you learn to give feedback whenever you need it. This helps your brain to memorize the information it has absorbed from social networks. You don't need to write a novel while you're writing it down. Just write down the essentials to keep and leave the rest.


Make a checklist of what you've learned

The brain is a machine that gets better every time you train it, so practice by making a checklist of what you have learned. The more confidence you have in yourself and the more goals you list, the more likely you are to achieve them. So to better cultivate yourself and keep what you learn you need to make a checklist with goals that you need to keep. 

In order to learn more, you can also play board games and puzzles. This allows you to develop your intelligence little by little and thus allows you to retain the information you accumulate faster. Surround yourself with smart friends. By being among the smart ones, you will end up developing your mind even more and therefore cultivating yourself better.