4 best ideas for designing a terrace

You want to create a corner of paradise in your garden or on your balcony? If you are lucky enough to have an exterior, why not design it better? There are many ideas for designing your terrace. Discover these ideas in this article.

Choosing the type of deck

It is impossible not to find satisfaction if you make a good choice regarding the choice of your terrace types. However there are several types of decks namely the ultra practical composite wood decks, a guinguette style deck, a zen deck with a small pond. You will have more details in this content. There are also 100% green terraces with a plant wall, not to mention terraces that are hidden from view. So the choice of your type of terrace is crucial in order to properly design your terrace.

Focus on the lighting of the terrace

Whether it's the design of a terrace or a balcony, the level of light is one of the most important parameters. To be able to enjoy your terrace in the morning as well as in the evening, you should therefore pay special attention to the choice of your lighting. Battery-powered table lamps, solar-powered spotlights or garlands are available from the decorating trade. There are all kinds of models for all tastes.

Flower your terrace

To make your terrace a real garden, don't skimp on flowers and plants. Depending on your preferences, you can flower your terrace. The ideal way to decorate a terrace is to use exotic plants or aromatic plants to spice up your dishes. You can also create a green wall if you want to protect yourself from the other party. Choose fragrant plants to give your terrace a scent. Also install climbing plants such as ivy, jasmine and others.

Protect yourself from the natural elements

While being on your terrace, you can well enjoy the sun as well. However, to avoid suffering from the sun, it is best to think about creating shaded areas. You can however opt for sails and parasols or for canisses.