Monday, February 20, 2012


There's really no place like home. The fun, the laughter and giggles of your love ones when they talk to you in the phone makes my stress alleviate a little bit. Just like yesterday I speak with my mom when suddenly my 2 year old niece grab the phone because she wanted to talk to me. It's funny how she beg some toys and chocolates to my daughter. How I wish where just a couple of miles away from each other so that the next day I could give it to you. When we headed to Costco my girl remembered what her cousin beg on her and without asking permission she grab this angry  bird's hoodie wrap because she wanted it for her little cousin in Philippines. How great my little girl thinking of her cousins though they are not seeing each other more often as to compare to my other nieces and nephews in Philippines. looking forward for a big vacation next year and hopefully it would be finalized as it is.

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