Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lose Weight with Cookies

It's finger lickin great right? We don't have to starve ourselves just to lose some pounds or maybe have an extra exercise. We will simply replace our breakfast, snack and lunch eating only those cookies. Nothing to worry for dinner because we can eat anything nutricious as we've used to. I like this idea really for it will make me slim as I wished since then. Having this cookie diet is great help for all womens having trouble in their figure. The cookies has come in four varieties to choose from like oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, lemon and a variety pack that includes all three. They made this as easy we can get for we can get the recipe through their website to download or available online and leading pharmacies.
So, what are we waiting for try to grab one and enjoy munching those yummy cookies while cutting a little of weights. Surely I gonna try this one maybe it will work for me since I'm in the midst of my diet.

Aquino Inauguration

President Benigno " NoyNoy" Aquino III

Last night I'm on eyes with Aquino-Binay Inauguration in Philippines from 9pm -1am until it ended. To tell you the truth I felt something different witnessing the inauguration live via telecast at TFC. A feeling that, I see hopes for the new president to make a change in our country. I know he cannot change it right away for a lot of debts that a country is going to pay that comes from the previous president. Let's just hope for the best of everything. We can make it possible happened if all government officials, private sectors and filipino people will help to make a change started by changing themselves and giving love of their country.
I'm proud to be a filipino and nothing will change it. As I listen the song they just composed for the inauguration makes me feel a 100% filipino. Especially "Ang Bayan Ko" it uplifted my spirit and teary eyed for a moment. All musicians were doing great and I love it. To all newly elected officials God bless in your undertakings, may our fellow countrymen find peace and happiness in Philippines.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Dog Is Not As Good As My Home Security Alarm

Thanks to guest blogger Laurie Abbate for the post.

What would you do if you were living alone and afraid of the dark? I know what I did. I had wireless burglar alarms installed and I’m glad I did. Now I am no longer afraid to go to sleep at night. I can even leave my home without fear that someone might come in and violate my possessions.
A couple of years ago I got a dog thinking that would make me feel better. Well it did and Sam is a great dog, but sometimes he sleeps really soundly and there have even been times when he slept right through the mailman coming to the door. I guess I shouldn’t blame him for needing to get some rest because it might have been my fault he was so tired since I take him out for a run and he gets all droopy when we get back home and his bed is way back in the other room and I do close the door so he can sleep. My fault, I guess.
Anyway I do feel better now and I don’t have to put so much pressure on my Sam. Well I really don’t guess Sam would do much good anyway if he did happen to catch an intruder. After all he is just a little schnauzer and even though he sounds ferocious he is a pussy cat.

Shop for Jewelries

Sometime next year I will be leaving here at New Jersey going to Dallas, TX . I have in my hand the listed state directory. It woudn't difficult anymore on us because we have all the places which might be possible to visit. Slowly we arranged our trips to visit there late this year to get some important informations about the place were going to live in. I already listed all phone numbers in my organizers as well as nearby pawnshops like Dallas Pawn Shops and Austin Pawn Shops. Everywhere we go we should take the importance of having all the local directories for our personal use and emergency purposes. I get my lesson and advice from my Indian friend about the importance in buying gold jewelries nowadays and it's benefits in the near future. As what she said buying gold jewelries is an investment to oneself. The earlier we get to invest, the more we can get a higher value and rises at it's best.
So, why not wait for tomorrow for now is the best to start to invest. Try to check the listed pawn shops for surely you can get an idea on where to buy. Just like me I slowly saving on my money by not buying unecessary stuff.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Lover

Are you a book lovers? Well, not so on me but my kid does love so much on books. Now that she's 4 years old, I slowly found out how my daughter twist some of her hobbies. From keeping on buying any kind of toys to buying a books of any type. Wow, that's amazing for her age. I admit I don't really buy books intentionally just like some of my friends that they do mean to buy some from their favorite authors. Pretty funny but I only forced to buy that I'm going to used in school. Wheewww, my kid request me to read 3-5 books before naptime and so with sleeping before bed time. She don't complain anymore now that I slowly hide some of her toys because her eyes is on books. Believed me or not but my little girl memorized already some books. She cannot read yet of course but in every pages she knows what the story all about and sometimes my hubby and I let her hold the book and tell us the story. We know that this kind of habit will bring great knowledge on her by the time she gets more older. We just go with the flow and guide her as much as we like her to be someday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pursuing A Degree

The best gift that a parents could give to their children is education. Education is the only thing that could not be stolen by someone else. It is very important to finish a degree and be proud of one's attainment to achieve goals. Just like the story of my close relative who have been recently married to an american man. She wasn't given a chance before to pursue in college because of financial instability and poor economy.

As a newly married to a wonderful man, they don't have any plans yet to have childrens as possible. She will stick on her top priority for now to pursue in college and finish a business degree in the near future. It's not difficult to achieve her plans because even husband supports the decision in continued education. I'm so proud of her for being so straight in pursuing in studies. Thankful enough for she able to submit her college application on top universities and colleges in California. Her main goal is to finish a business degree in one of these schools like University of Redlands , Inland Empire college , and California business school. She feel excited and quiet a bit of nervous. Well, just be positive in all undertakings for her dream to become a manager and manage her own business someday. Although she didn't start yet in school, slowly she help managed husbands family business. She believed that inorder for us to survive and have a better life is to educate first ourselves. This will led and guide us to a better tomorrow. Just like anyone else she wanted to be a role model to her children someday and explains that age of the person is not a hindrance in going school whether you are underage or overage. Be wiser and think wider to get a quality life you've been dreaming of.

Try A Great Fortune

Have you ever tried to play casino online? I tried myself couple of times in casino center. This one is great for we don't have to go far away places and it's right there and then in front us through online. This is a much different because you can try to play without losing any single penny from your pocket, that's wonderful right? You gonna try this great opportunity and do visit Casino Blog for more questions you have in your mind. Sometimes life is like a gamble as well for we never stop searching for any great opportunity to come just like wanting to win millions for our dreams.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Great Properties For Rent

Were not getting any younger anymore, my husband plans are totally changed to another priorities. I think everyone wanting to own a house that you can call it as your own. In our situation my husband told me that it's better for us to rent rather get a mortgage. We don't want to burden somebody if ever something might happen on us. So, renting a nice property is better because anytime you can leave without too much hassle. Property is somewhat considerable as anything you purchase with your own money not only talking on buying a house. Life is tough as we can see now and even myself prepare to build our house in another country in preparation for our retirement in the future. So much of it were still examining and reviewing Apartment Market Overview for the complete listings guide search on what the ideal apartment were going to have. Each of us has different styles and ways to live the life we've been dreaming of.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meeting Our Long Lost Friend

It's been almost 20 years since my husband and his friend met again. Since they have different priorities in life, both have family and now finally met again. He is a famous son of a doctor in our place before and a very down to earth person. A lot of people are so thankful with the famous social network we have like facebook because they connect new and old friends along way. That's what happened also with my husband and his high-school colleagues seems finally reunited for how many years that have been passed. Last week we've been at Secaucus , New Jersey and met them. One whole day is not enough, lots of fun and laughters talking about the past. This coming September were going to visit there place at Boston for some important affairs among the couples. They don't have kids yet for 7 years of waiting that is why they love to hang around with us especially my daughter. What a happy thought seeing your old friends unexpectedly in the new country that were living for.

Christiano Ronaldo, a star, in his Second World Cup

Written by guest blogger Phillip Samons.

Before the World Cup started I made sure to look at cable tv offers and find out the best way to watch as many games as possible. Christiano Ronaldo is one of the starts to watch during the world cup. The fleet footed Portuguese winger is a one of a kind talent. He played beautifully and eloquently at the 2006 world cup where Portugal finished fourth place.
What can Ronaldo do this year, in South Africa? God knows what kind of moves, tricks or goals he can score. This is why I am so pumped up to for this year's world cup which has already kicked off. The flamboyant winger has scored twenty-six goals with his first season at Real Madrid in Spain and assisted on many goals as well. He is a threat for opposing teams who must shut him out of the game if they have any hopes of getting at least a draw against Portugal.
Ronaldo is up there with the likes of Lionel Messi, fellow Real Madrid Teammate Kaka, and Wayne Rooney. These are some of the best and most famous soccer players in the world. They bring a spark to teams, and are a joy to watch. Ronaldo's flashy dribbling moves, tricks, cuts amaze the crowd both at the Stadium and watching as faraway as Australia. I'll be watching Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of his teammates live on Satellite TV. I'll be rooting and sometimes be rooting agianst Ronaldo as this years much anticipated world cup matches is being played. Let's go!

Grill Lovers

Just like me who loves to cook, here is an additional BBQ tool that you will surely love to have. It is made of 100% food grade silicone that can resist temperatures up to 500 degrees and will even protect our hand from heat. This is awesome for it would be easy to flip steaks especially my pork and chicken barbecue on the grill without any hassle at all. Since this grill glove doesn't available on the stores you better hurry and check it out at for more and it's video presentations.

Unsure the Task

I'm talking about my family in far away country. It's been two weeks already I called almost everyday just to check and ask about my father's status. Yes, he is ill at the moment and undergo several prescription medicine from the specialist. Aside from medicine to take orally they have to check twice the blood sugar of my father using the glucometer. I will claimed that we are really afraid of some pricks of the needle since birth. It's been two days already but they didn't use the glucometer because they are still waiting for the doctor to perform it first just to make sure they are using it correctly. They don't need doctors instructions anymore because it is very easy to perform the task just by reading the simple instructions. Well, I cannot blamed them either because it's their first time to do this test everyday. Hopefully next few days they can do it by themselves so that my father will have a thorough monitor his sugar. Friends out there we should take care our health strictly because as what they say 'health is wealth'.

The Shield Finale

Guest blogger Patrick Mcworth wrote this for me.

The Shield was a show based on an experimental division in the Los Angeles Police Department nicknamed “the Farm”. Using a converted church as their station, the “Strike Team” )featured group of rogue detectives) brought their particular brand of justice to the streets of the fictionalized Farmington district.
Michael Chiklis played the part of Strike Team leader Vic Mackey. He, along with Walton Gogginsb (Shane Vendrell), Kenneth Johnson (Curtis Lemansky), and David Rees Snell )Ronnie Gardocki) made up the infamous anti-gang unit. Though the show had an involved ensemble cast, the main focus was on the 4-man team’s variety of illegal and unethical methods used to maintain peace on the streets and their numerous ways of making profits through illegal drug protection schemes and outright robberies.
By season 5, the Strike Team was under a lot of heat by IAD. Lem was forced into wearing a wire in hopes of incriminating his team members but he finds a way of letting Vic know and a clever plan was devised to full IAD. In the last episode, Shane, never truly trusting Lem to not fold under the pressure, kills him with a stolen hand grenade.
It was 1 of the most well-constructed scenes I’ve ever watched and so well-performed that I actually shed a few hot tears. I was so thankful of my satellite tv providers in Atlanta that night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Must Have Know

In order for all aspiring womens to lose weight is to follow the simple rules properly. Yes, it is easy to say how simple it was but too tough to follow. I do believed that to become succesful is to educate ourselves as well, not only in school but also in our own understanding. Sometimes individual are so ignorant in some things by believing more on ''hersays'' than reading formative books or magazines. I'd like to tackle this because even myself is still fighting on how to lose some weight and fats. From believing on what my friends says through reading relevant information in different websites is a big help. It's time to make a change especially moms out there having the same problem. Now I know that foods you intake should be in combinations in order to work it for you. After we succesfully implement our foods we must not forget to exercise in just simple steps to complete what we wished for. With this healthy start for sure we harvest a good labor at the end and be proud for ourselves. The main thought of this is we don't need to starve ourself to be physically fit and healthy but also following those simple rules.

My Neighbor

I have a new neighbors here in our apartment just next to our unit. The couple had just came from India. They don't have kids yet for they just newly wed before coming here in America for work purposes. Her husband is a software engineer while the young woman is a human resource officer in their country. I like them for they are so friendly and not difficult to deal with. Both of them are vegetarians so I don't smell anything too much spicy in their unit. They love to hang around us, have some talk and mostly played with my one and only daughter. It's not difficult to talk with them because they are professionals as well and fluent in English. I'm going to miss them sometime next month for they are going back in their country. They only come here for a six months urgent work of her hubby. Well, anyway we can still contact one another and views some photos because we both have facebook accounts and maybe chat sometimes, lol. I just wish them good health and a safe happy trip going back to India..

Be Practical

In my younger years talking about funerals or maybe something like that is very scary on me. Well you cannot blamed on me for my friends and relatives do the same thing as I do. We have a lot of beliefs that it's does not good to tackle it as long as nobody in the family got badly ill or dying. Times fly, things changed and probably I myself was change to a practical person. Together with my brothers and sisters are talking already to get a funeral insurance for the whole family. Just to be practical for future use so that whatever something happened it's not difficult and bring burdens to the remaining relatives. Especially now that certain company offering cheap funeral insurance and it happened to be very affordable and reasonable at cost. I think practicing this kind of habit or decision is great just by being practical to ourselves. Not only by getting those type of insurance but also good to get a real life insurance for family and childrens safety and secure futures. Even my husband is planning now to get for our family because nobody knows what tomorrow may bring our lives.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not in Good Shape

I'm talking about my father's health. He is not in good shape nowadays and really needs attention. Would you believed if I say that my father only seen by a doctor a couple of times at his age now of 67th since birth. Yeah, my papa is acted like a child and afraid of a doctor. We keep on telling him that we will let doctors examined his health but he always don't want to go. Yesterday, I was alarmed when my brother send me some message informing us that my father is ill and accidentally colapsed at our living room. This time he don't have a choice but to obey us, we let my mother send him to the hospital and checked. My husband has a classmate and friend before who is now a specialist in heart, a very excellent doctor well he is just a 4th placer in medicine in the country. Before we send my father for checked we make sure first that Dr. Mario Manus is there not out of town. Hopefully all the result of blood test will not as bad as we expected. My father is in good hands as of now and soon to recover.

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Informational Views

Few weeks ago my husband told me that he wanted to switch from white rice to brown rice because as per his friend brown rice has lesser fat. It is obviously that the three of us are having trouble in losing weight especially the tummies. Well, I don't have a second thought than to obey what he wants for surely I could benefit this later. Today, as I surfing the net I actually read an article about the difference of white rice and brown rice, happened that our belief was wrong. It is very informational on me because as what it says is true, I encounter it by myself and I'm currently constipated. It was analized by the laboratory and yes it has fibers and vitamins. Fiber is indigestible and it will only added some bulk in the stool and thats what I'm experiencing right now. Eating with those coated brown rice will also slow down your metabolism and with this your body will likely storing more food that could get us bloated. With the information I get in the internet my husband believed on me and then we will stop it right then. We have a lot of concerns as of now and we see to it that our health is our number one priority. I have a lot of lessons nowadays that it is very important to read some facts in the book or some healthful guides in the net than believing gossips from friends.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun in Saving

As early at three years old we parents introduce my daughter and teach her how to save money. It is my idea at first that we start teaching her on why is it people must practice on saving. I believed that individuals at any age has the right to learn in saving some of their money. As what they say, if you plant early you can harvest the most of it in the future. Giving an importance in a single penny is like you are planning ahead for the future.

Would you believed that my daughter will pick-up some coins in the ground whether it looks dirty or not? Yes, she will and really do for the sake of putting it on her piggy bank. We explain on her on why we have to save and whats the importance of it for her future. Like what my mother teaches me before molding the minds of individuals should start at early age. I used to save money in my teenage years because it's my way of buying stuff I like for myself that I don't need to ask from my parents anymore.

Go, Go Los Angeles Lakers!


I am thrilled and excited for tonights game. Few hours from now the championship game will strike it's game 7 or the final game , a do or die game. You know what Kobe Bryant is my favorite among or shall I say peoples favorite in Lakers team and followed by Gasol. My friends and family here and in Philippines are busy preparing their bet money between the two team. Isn't it fun? Yes it is indeed fun you know. I hope they will win tonight for back to back champion. But anyway, whoever may win I still love Kobe and his the best for me aside Magic J and Michael Jordan.

No More Worries

Are you afraid of debts or currently struggling with our low economy? All of us can get through it just by managing and budgeting well our finances wisely. Nowadays I don't frequently used my credit card anymore because I finally found a card that doesn't need of a bank account or credit history. With the use of my prepaid credit card I can budget all my finances with no worries at all. This is perfect for a typical type of person like me who loves budgeting and saving. Since it is prepaid I always have an idea how much am I going to spend and probably couldn't encounter overdraft spending anymore. So better check it out and save wisely for future use.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Find Great Land Contract Homes Near You!

Right before I settled down with my partner right now, ever since I've been dreaming to have a house that I can call it as my own. By then, I never stop searching and viewing some helpful sites that could probably help on what I am looking for , haviongsuited with my budget. I'm glad that atlast I finally found House Land Contract offer more options in buying houses. It is good as well that before buying a house we will read thoroughly about FTC Overview on Mortgages . With this overview we can make up our mind on whats the best. At a very first glance of the site I can really say that it is very easy navigate and don't feel any hassle at all. I love all the photo listings for it added attractions and can even compare prices right away. Unlike other websites, this one is great for I can sort amenities, floor plans, prices and locations in just one search. I viewed their listings particularly at Austin, Texas in which we are planning to moved-in sometimes next year.

What a Funny Day!

I just wanted to share this with you friends. Last Saturday evening I'm making some greeting cards through for father's day celebrations. Believe it or not I'm not really thinking whether Sunday 12th day of June would be fathers day or not. I'm just presuming since then that it is really a day to celebrate. What a shame on me, lol. The more I'm ashamed when the time I posted my greeting card through facebook and my friend melody made a comment on how early I made my greetings to my husband, lol. Imagine among of my 300 plus friends I'm the only one who did an early greetings to my husband. Just to cover what I did I made a reply comment that I really mean to greet a week advance though it's not. It is really funny hugh! I made some of my friends confused as well while some did a research on the net on what's the real date of father's day celebration. This coming father's day we will just stay home and I will prepare my hubby's favorite dessert "leche flan". He doesn't know that I will cook something for him on that day. He is on duty that time and I will see to it that by the time he gets home he will surprise on what I am going to prepare. God bless everyone.

Our Old Safe Home

Guest blog post from Jane Siegel.

Something didn’t feel right about our new home…”old” home, actually. This place has to be over a century old. Don’t get me wrong—it’s a lovely Victorian house. But something felt off. I finally figured it out. It wasn’t safe.
Wow…was it ever not safe. The staircase railing was loose…a major accident waiting to happen. The bedroom door was one hinge away from falling. The wheelchair ramp installed over the back porch steps had a crack in the center support that promised future collapse.
You probably wonder why we bought such a dangerous home. Any proper inspector would’ve pointed out these issues. Well, we didn’t buy—we inherited. Who turns down a free Victorian house? But we had a lot of work to do to make it safe. And I don’t just mean installing a home security alarm system, although that was on the list once I saw the condition of the back door lock.
Thank goodness for cell phones and phone books because a handyman my hubby is not. The first call was to a locksmith. While he was on his way, my husband found a carpenter to fix the stair rail and I gave him a call. Next we found out where to get adt Security around Boston and installed an alarm system. This makes us feel much safer. My teenage son dismantled the wheelchair ramp, revealing a great set of concrete steps while I replaced the hinge on the bedroom door. Done and done!


Few years ago before I got married me and my father had an accident. I'm so thankful that it didn't led to serious or major problems to ourselves. It's not our fault when another motorbike bump us in the middle of the road while at heavy traffic. I'm so shock that day because it was very unexpected to happen knowing my father is very careful at the road. From all bruises and pains I got from the accident, later of the day I still able to file a motorbike injury claims. I really taught that it was my last day and farewell to everyone. It was so scary and unforgetable in one of my experiences. That is why we individual should be ready all the time like getting some insurances for self protection because we don't know what is going to happen everyday of our lives. Inspite of what happen I'm still glad because we get enough motorbike injury compensation. It is very easy to file for injury claims as long as you secure all important documents like police report, medical reports, and some necessary papers. Though how much money you'll gonna get from claims but still the most important to consider is the safety of our lives. Live your life to the fullest.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cheers to the Newly Elected President

Congratulations to our new President Benigno Aquino III. From the beginning I am in favor of Noynoy and Mar but sad to say Mar didn't made it. Well, anyway Mar is still young and there's a lot of opportunity ahead. Hmmnn, I can smell changes that are going to be made under Aquino administration. As what they've said "No poor countrymen if there's no corrupt government" we will stick on that promise and hoping country Philippines will make a better change in the future. I don't want to grow old here in America, we always wanted to go home in our retiring age someday. I think nobody wants to stay at nursing homes right? So get better and prefer for our homecoming in our homeland. Just in my own opinion, now that Aquino won as president a 100% chance that we keep on coming back home for vacation in Philippines in every 1-2 years but if Estrada won for example sorry to say no more hopes and changes in our country and I don't like to go back home, rather get my parents to stay here in U.S.A with us. Go, go Aquino administration , may God shower you more blessings on running our country with faith and hope for all mankind.

Web Hosting

It is very important that we can pick the right choice on choosing web hosting company. My mind has been widened now on how to choose the best web hosting. I admit that before I started to work as blogger only two web hosting sites I known so far. Everyday of blogging is a great help as I say, because something has added with my knowledge through hopping and dropping different sites. I get a lot of informations and ideas especially on web hosting.
With the web hosting directory there you can get and compare their bonus features. Each of them has different ratings from the consumers. I preferred to get a web hosting sites with excellent reviews so that I cannot encounter problems at the end. Well, its really up to the person in which they prepare for their hosting needs according on individual ideals and preferences.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Be Aware

The information about accutane has been widespread already from prints to internet. I've read many ads regarding the side effects of using accutane. As I read it thoroughly, me myself is scared of it. Actually, I am busy searching on the net as well at the local pharmacies on what to use and treat with my little blemishes on my skin. I'm so thankful with my husband also for he gives me more information that this kind of medicine is not good to use. To all users out there you should be responsible and aware in what you are taking. I'm aware about accutane lawsuit and it is really serious. Doing this the prescriber and consumers will be careful in giving and taking this medicine. The side effects is very scary like birth defects, heart attack, depression and many more that needs attention.
Putting relevant informations about accutane on ads and in the net is a big awareness for everyone. I'm so happy that most of the people nowadays are using high technology for information purposes and other transactions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Way of Showing Love

Yes, it's a birthday greeting cards all the way from her grandparents in Philippines. Although my child doesn't know how to read it yet but still she is very happy in receiving those two cards both from my parents side and from my MIL. The reason why they send it because they wanted Meg to appreciate it and let her know how special she was though were far away. At the age of 4, Meg is very talkative already, can even spend so much time in the phone talking to my parents little nieces and nephews. That is why by now, I'm really hoping that our vacation plan for next year will push through. I miss my family and close relatives way back home and so my little kid.

Guide for a Better Market

Now that I joined in the blogging world I can say that through online has lots of extra opportunities to get busy with. I started to realized how to work with it and how it goes. Through hopping different websites I sometimes read an additional info on how to get most of traffic you wanted to have in your sites. If your a great marketer or maybe wanted to be one , its good to study about SEO. There are lots of strategic ways and guides on how to attract more visitors, make sales and promote brands through your websites. Like me, it's all that I wanted.

Search Engine Optimization is great big help to all marketers as well the consumers. Just like hosting a contest in your sites for example is pretty much excellent idea. It is like that you are calling consumers to try your products and through that way you already gained so much for your traffic needs. So, why not try to discover and learn such new things like this to make more profit in our sites.

For Everything I Need to Do

Guest post from Laura Clark.

Technology offers us so much nowadays, if you are not up-to-date on the latest technology, then you're really not up to date on what is happening in today's world. Technology has brought us computers and I even signed up for Wireless Internet service, because this is a basic necessity when you are working with the computer. My computer does everything. I am able to design my own Christmas cards at Christmas time because I have extensive art program loaded onto the computer and whenever I fill the need to send the cards I just sign onto the program. I am also able to play a game of spades against the computer. That is my addiction because I love to try and beat the computer’s high score. My computer is so high-tech that I am able to burn CDs onto a disc because I have a burner on the computer. I can even watch the latest DVD movies because there is a DVD player that is installed. I cannot understand how anyone could live anywhere and not have a computer located within their home. I am so dependent on my computer and every day it seems like I find more and more cool features that I'm able to use on it. I even typed this post by just talking to the computer; my computer was able to turn speech into text. I would highly recommend anyone who does not have a computer of their very own in their home to purchase one. I also signed up for Satellite TV, and I think I could stay entertained without ever leaving my home!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Special Day

Althea Meg's 4th Birthday

My one and only daughter celebrated her 4th birthday last June 4, 2010. I'm so happy seeing my growing child as cute and bubbly at her age. Since my husband is not a party goer he always prepare to celebrate just by the three of us. We treat our daughter also at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania last Saturday. A whole day affair was such as wonderful a happy family could be. I wish everything that life has to offer for my daughter. May God bless her and shower wonderful blessings. I love you so much my baby girl and you will always be my baby until I'm alive.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Importance In Both Ways

Living in the new generation is not as easy compare few decades back. Yes it has an advantages and disadvantages depending its practice. At present times we have high technology and more inventions, meaning more temptations is likely to spread and lot of considerations to take on monitoring our kids on what they do at social networking sites. Even my kid started to play games already at the age of four. How much more when she will reach at the age of curiosity? I agree with some other parents that we have to put a keystroke recorder in our computer. This is very important because we can monitor them properly and of course we should not pass the time of giving them rules and advices. This would be a great help for all of us parents.

So Tired

We just arrived few minutes ago from our leisure trip at Sesame Place. Honestly, I wanted to take some naps or maybe sleep early. Were having a lot of fun especially in the wet attractions area. My birthday girl loves to play in the water together with her dad. She keeps on saying that she likes to go back in line again and again and obviously thats what her daddy did in the water slide. I will post some pictures next few days from now to keep updated with some of my friends in here. What keeps me so tired with our trip is my heavy bag that full of clothes, water, juices and swimming attire. As usual I am the official videographer and photographer as expected. I always prepare to be that way because its one of my passion back in my college years and as a member of Photo Society at St. Theresa's College. I love to take photos over and over again. Anyway, to all mommies out there hope you have a great weekend with your family. God bless and see you around. ^_^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Planning Ahead of Time

We are in the middle month of the year. This is the best time to plan ahead on what to do for the coming Christmas celebration. Time flies so fast right there and then we will welcome another year of our life. My hubby and I wanted to do something different that we haven't used to do. In my four years stay here in America, every Christmas season we just simply mail a greeting cards for our families way back home. Now is a bit different for we are going to make a photo christmas cards with our family portrait on it. I saw a lot of this and how it is going to be. With this kind of preparation we still have a lot of time to choose on which photo are we going to use or maybe we will have a photo session at the studio for a new one. Little by little we are slowly adopting the american way. I didn't say that we are going to adopt everything, just those few ways that simply idealistic for everyone.

Springtime is Tee Time

This post was written by my buddy Dale Green

It’s spring time and a young man’s fancy turns to…GOLF. The grass is turning green, the spring flowers are blooming, and the afternoon sun is telling me it’s time to get out the clubs and play a few rounds. When I can’t play a round of golf, the next best thing is watching golf. Luckily, I can do this whenever I want now because I went on and got the golf channel. This year watching golf on TV will be especially enjoyable because:
1) The golf channel has golf 24 hours a day. With coverage of tournaments, how to segments, and new product information, I will be in golf heaven.
2) My new high definition TV will make it much easier to see the ball and watch how the pros execute every swing. .
3) With Tiger Woods’ dominance of the game no longer a certainty, every match will have much more interest and excitement, making every tournament much more enjoyable to watch.
Yup, its springtime in the Rockies and it’s time to play golf. Nuts!!! It’s springtime in the Rockies and it’s snowing like crazy. Time to get comfortable in front of the TV and watch the pros play golf. Oh well, maybe I can play tomorrow.


Wow, it's gonna be three days from now for our 2 day leisure trip to Pennsylvania. Were going to spend our weekend there in celebration of our one and only daughter. As usual no party is going to be happen. Since my husband is not a party goer he promised himself not to have a party until Meg will go to school. So probably by next year our daughter will be joining other kids as kindergarten 1 and the party begins. One good thing that were arguing with until now is our hotel near Sesame Place. We both undecided on which hotel to check-in. Nothing to worry anyway because I called out the two hotel of our choice whether they are fully book this weekend or not. It's pretty good , anytime we can walk-in within the two choices because they have ample of rooms to stay. Hopefully by friday night we can decide already and no more argumentations happen anymore. It's going to be a fun day of my child for her coming birthday.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Dearest Friend

I want to share with you about a gay artist and happened to be a friend of mine. I will say that I'm very proud of him. Not only because he is fun and kind but he has an unusual intellectual gift that precisely cheer you up just by showing you around. I like the way he entertain the people, really catches our attention. He started from the scratch entering showbiz at local shows in Cebu before he become successful. People love him for what he is. He proved himself that there's nothing wrong on where he belong and choose to be as one of the homosexual. Coming out in the public and reveal your sexual orientation as a gay is not a hindrance in your success. It is us who made a choice on how to make our future. Just like what I read about gay Romania they show what they've got and proud of themselves. It's very touching reading those stories that have been posted. Try to check it out and like me you can get a lot of lessons applicable in the life of people.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Easy To Order

Way back in my teenage years I used to collect a lot of stuff like stationeries, fridge magnets, stickers, photos of actors/actresses and postcards from all over the world. Though it's hard to collect those stuff I still able to managed a little just to get my satisfaction and even exchange or trade from friends. Now that I'm here in America there's a big opportunity to complete my postcard collections. There's no reason not to complete at all especially that I can order it through online and proud to say that I can afford it now. It's been very easy nowadays because through online we can choose postcards from different countries and you can choose its pictures depending on your taste. I also heard that my teenager nieces followed my habit too. Well, because they do they same I can help with their collections as easy as they can get. There's nothing can compare your happiness while completing your simple collections to finish.