Friday, April 29, 2016

I'm Back!

It's  been a while that I haven't post anything in my blog site. Everyday, just to tell honestly I never failed to write something or do some update in facebook. So, why not work with my blog as well to have something new on what I've used before. Hoping to be more productive now , work for a change and be progressive.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Post Greetings

Hello blogger friends out there. Its better late than never for I want to greet all of you a Happy Easter! Honestly, I'm having a hard time updating my blogs because until now my laptop is going crazy. Maybe few more months from now this laptop will finally land in the garbage or somewhere else. I'm just waiting for the right time at the right budget to buy one. Hope everyone had a blast yesterday. Enjoy and may the Lord blessings will shower more to your family.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cleaning The Closet

It's time to clean the closet, especially my daughter's closet. I loved to hide old stuff to make it vintage but yet I'm tired of it in the sense that I don't have enough space anymore. This time I change my plan a little. I'm planning to sell some of the clothes on ebay to make some money atleast. Honestly, I badly needed an extra income to the fact that I resigned from my job for some personal reasons. Hopefully, I can get a shot on financial matters this year and I'm praying for it. God is good all the time. God's will, who knows..

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weekend Date

It's been almost five years since we moved out New Jersey and transfer here in Austin. We missed lots of stuff there also like filipino foods, bigger parks and our relatives at the same time. Good news is that this coming weekend, my family is going to visit there for three days. Just a short visit yet we will make sure it would be a memorable one. I planned some places to visit so that my daughter will not forget her birth place atleast. Right now I am thinking on what delicacies that I am going to bring for my relatives there.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Is Short

I will never tired of trying and trying each and everyday that I must fight with my boring life. I know it's hard but life is too short to complain each single day, so I decided that I will try to be happy, think positive and look for a brighter side why I'm still alive inspite of my emotional problems. All I know is that my biggest reason why I'm fully alive is because on my one and only daughter that still need my love and care. I don't like to be moody anymore or cranky at times because of those bad vibes comes along my way every other week. I hope God will grant my wishes and well never lose hope for it. Have a great evening!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'll Try

This what I did today for some few minutes.. I'm having a hard time since it's my first time to exercise again in the fitness center. It's kinda fun especially nobody around but me. I just wanted to be fit again atleast because my weight is not funny at all. I feel all the heaveness already and I don't like to continue with what I have.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart's Day?

In my own opinion, Valentine's day is not mainly for lovers or couples it is for everyone regardless of sex, religion and gender. I remember when I'm in high school every Valentine's day is a hit especially for pretty girls in the campus, atleast I'm one of them(kidding). I don't know why but I think because new generations just followed what they saw before them or shall we say it's traditional already. Now that I am married I don't feel the same way anymore for the reason that my hubby is not expressive as to compare other husbands. Sad but true I'm just telling the truth. Sometimes I feel bad and most often I do understand but deep inside my heart thinking that how I wish my husbands is fun of doing surprise stuffs as much as I do in my younger years. We'll that's it, Im just wishing everyone a safe and wonderful Valentine's day ahead.